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History of the Anderson & Makulski Law Firm

Anderson & Makulski, PC is a successor to several law firms that have provided quality legal services for more than a century. Previously, Mr. Anderson was a partner in Patch, McClafferty & Anderson as well as Anderson, Patch, Rosenfeld, Potter & Grover, both of which were located at 404 South Jackson Street.

In 1993, Mr. Anderson formed J. Jeffrey Anderson & Associates, PC. After practicing as an associate with the firm for several years, Mr. Makulski became a principal, resulting in the current name of Anderson & Makulski, PC.

Mr. Anderson's father, John E. Anderson, was a member of Whiting, Kleinstiver & Anderson, a well-known firm during the mid 20th century. Justin R. Whiting served as President of the Michigan State Bar Association, and later served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Consumers Power Company (known today as Consumers Energy).